BUDDIES #1 “The Accident”

*16 pages full color*

Josh is a lonely stoner assistant at a research facility in Denver Colorado. What was just suppose to be another boring day takes a turn that will change his life forever.


BUDDIES #2 “New Life, New Choices”

*16 pages full color*

After causing a massive explosion that destroys a secret lab. Four of the newly created Buddies must figure out how to cope with what they are and how to get the hell out of a crime scene without being caught.

BUDDIES #3 “Jock-itch”

*16 pages full color*

After dealing with the situation at hand, Josh enrolls the Buddies into high school. A logical choice but the BUDDIES have to deal with the new found interest in them by the school bully “BIFF”. But this interest in them could possibly tear the BUDDIES apart.

BUDDIES #4-7 “The Vaporizer”

*60 pages full color / x4 part story arc* 

After dealing with the school bully BIFF, the BUDDIES can now enjoy their time at school accordingly. Unknowingly to them that the same forces that made them, are pulling strings behind the scenes to capture the BUDDIES and use them for their own nefarious means.

BUDDIES #8-11 “Breckenfridge”

*60 pages Full Color*

After what has transpired in “The Vaporizer” the BUDDIES decide its best to go into hiding in the small quiet mountain town of Breckenfridge Colorado. But all is not as it seems in this idyllic mountain escape.

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